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The Donor Milk Bank in Israel

The Milk Bank in Israel is a vital breastfeeding center when the mother’s own milk is not available. Benefits of human breast milk to infants:

We have tons of happy babies,

and many repeating mothers in Israel.

Not all of our clients are first time mothers. Just because you’ve nursed a baby a couple of times does not mean you won’t run into any problems. All babies need an individual plan.
Breastfeeding my second child became difficult after the first week, and consulting with Malka was incredibly helpful. Her knowledge and experience, coupled with her calm and encouraging demeanor got us on the road to success (breastfed 1 year). I highly recommend her!
Rebeca Malamud Young
Ra'anana, Israel
Malka was instrumental in helping me to nurse my newborn twin boys when we lived in Cherry Hill NJ back in 1996. Malka is a caring and competent professional.
Dina Yaffa
Bet Shemesh, Israel
In 2008 I gave birth to my fifth child. After successfully nursing the previous four kids I was surprised when I had such difficulty with my fifth. Malka came over and with calm and professionalism saved the day.
Chavie Lawrence
Jerusalem, Israel


if your baby is jaundiced, refuses to latch-on, is not gaining weight properly, cries a lot, feeds all the time, is premature, is late pre-term, and/or spits up a lot.